Addcover by

’t nimmerfort


Addcover is a small script that allows you to insert any picture into the metadata of all mp3s in a directory, allowing you to let obscure albums also be presented with their album covers!

The use case is that when software, like Gnome's Music can't find the cover art of one or more of your albums, you can use this script to insert the cover art into the mp3s. Software from then on will use that. This way you can turn this ugly view into one without missing cover art.

To install, save the script in a directory in your path. Don't forget to chmod it to allow execution. It depends on ffmpeg and the php cli, so make sure those are installed too.

To use, execute addcover.php IMG DIRECTORY in a terminal. Replace IMG with the path to the image you want to be included and replace DIRECTORY with the path to a directory with mp3s.

Concepts and technologies: php cli, ffmpeg, mp3 metadata, less is more, UNIX executables


Last updated: 16th september 2015